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The Shosies Cyclery Advantage

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Finding the right bicycle and a shop with good customer can be a challenge. Since 1974 Shosies Cyclery has been all about servicing those needs. 

Shosies Cyclery carries quality bikes from Giant, Liv, and Reid.  Located in Rockford, Illinois (Loves Park),  Shosies Cyclery is a family owned and operated specialty bicycle store serving customers since 1974. Whether it be a mountain, gravel, hybrid, fitness, fat tire, road or  triathlon race bike, we will do our best to provide you with a quality bike and proper bike fit for any member of the family. Shosies Cyclery are now carrying pedal assist Electric Bikes by Giant and Liv. When deciding to purchase a new bicycle ask yourself the following:

  • How often and where will I ride?
  • How will I want to use the bike?
  • Neighborhood, Trail, Commuting, Exercise, or Racing?
  • How long will my rides last?
  • What are my likes and dislikes of my current bike ? (If you have one.)

Consider these questions and share them with your salesperson. By better understanding your needs, we will be certain to match you with the right bike.

bike fit

The Right Bike Fit

A proper fit is the single most important factor to consider when choosing a new bike. It must fit your body and riding style. In the long run, you'll be happier with a less expensive bike with a proper fit, than a more expensive bike that doesn't. Left on their own, many people choose a bike that doesn't fit properly in terms of height and length. This can cause back, knee, and neck pain which is sure to reduce performance and fun. Shosies Cyclery guarantees a proper fit with the bicycle you choose. The right seat is also important. An uncomfortable seat doesn't mean it's not the right bike. We are happy to change or upgrade seats for you. There are seats made specifically for men and women, and seats designed for every type of riding from comfort to racing.

Bicycle Cost Consideration 

When considering cost, it's best to purchase the highest quality bike that fits your budget and lifestyle, rather than gamble on something that's just "good enough." Shosies Cyclery carries a wide selection of bikes to fit your budget.To add more value, we offer lifetime gear and brake adjustments.

test ride

Test Ride

Buying a bike is kind of like trying on shoes. You really need to try them on to see if they fit and feel comfortable. We encourage you to test ride the bike you are interested in so we can determine if it is the proper size. Test riding really can narrow down what type and model you are looking for. We'll give you instruction on any aspects of the bike you are unsure of, and provide a helmet for your safety.

Professionally Built

As always our bicycles are professionally built by our mechanics ensuring a safe ride. Once you purchase your bike, a second thorough check over is done before the bike leaves the store. At this time, your accessory purchases will be installed free of charge. After riding your bike 50 - 100 miles, we ask that you bring the bike back in for a complete inspection and adjustment. It's important to check for cable stretch, bearing adjustments, and spoke tension. We may catch things you wouldn't have noticed. 



Choosing the accessories for your bike can be the most fun! Our salespeople can guide you to the essentials needed like helmets, pumps, hydration, tubes, bags, lights, computers, and many other items to help you enjoy your riding experience. We carry technical cycling clothing for your riding comfort. Cycling shoes by Shimano, Giant and Liv that accommodate clipless pedals for road, mountain, or recreational riders are available. Let us install them and give training on using clipless pedals for the 1st timers. If we don't have what your looking for, we will do our best to find and order it for you.

We Stand Behind What We Sell

All new bike purchases come with a manufacturer's warranty, but Shosies can take it a step further. We offer FREE LIFETIME / ANYTIME brake and derailleur adjustments whenever needed. 

Local Information 

Stop in the shop for any cycling advice needed. Our staff are cycling enthusiasts who road, mountain, race and recreational ride. We offer free local trail maps and publications with rides and events.

We Look Forward To Seeing You Soon!